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UN-Habitat and GCEOA launch SDG Cities’ Capacity Assessment Toolkit

Global CEO Alliance (GCEOA), in partnership with United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), has launched the live version of the Capacity Assessment Toolkit and will commence the rollout for use by SDG Cities members this September 2023.

Over recent years, GCEOA has collaborated closely with UN-Habitat to drive the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through digital transformation solutions. The first phase of the success of this partnership was demonstrated by the launch of the SDG Cities website ( in November 2021. The SDG Cities website provides an overview of the SDG Cities initiative including stories, relevant events, and the participating cities of the initiative.

The next phase of the collaboration led to the development of the Capacity Assessment Toolkit. The pilot version was released last June 2022 at WUF 11 in Katowice, Poland. The Capacity Assessment Toolkit shows great value in accelerating SDG impact areas by facilitating the tracking, monitoring, and implementation of these goals.

The toolkit hosts a variety of diagnostic tools designed by UN-Habitat to assist cities in capacity building. Relevant city representatives will be able to identify their cities’ strengths, gaps, and other relevant measurements through the tools. Outputs from the diagnostic assessments will be used as references to create reports and recommend training materials to address the identified gaps of the city.

On announcing the live version of the toolkit, UN-Habitat cited the partnership and significance of the platform. “After months of hard work, in collaboration with our partner GCEOA we are pleased to announce that the first iteration of the online city self-assessment platform is ready to go live! This is pivotal for the SDG Cities Global Initiative in our goal to be an efficient driver for SDG achievement within cities.”

Through this collaborative partnership driven by the shared commitment to advancing a sustainable future for all, UN-Habitat and GCEOA aim to leverage data to identify areas for development and empower cities with best practices. Further, GCEOA will offer a suite of tools and online training courses aimed at strengthening cities' capacities, fostering knowledge sharing, and nurturing competencies required for sustainable urban management in SDG Cities.

The Capacity Assessment Toolkit is now live. Participating cities invited by UN-Habitat will be able to access the platform.


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